Storm Cleanup Services in Charlotte NC

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It is best to avoid trying to clean all the storm mess yourself when your lawn is jumbled with fallen trees and storm damage. Instead of taking chance with your very own safety and further harming your property hire Storm Cleanup Services in Charlotte, NC. We have experience working with the risks related to storm harm, including down electrical cables, heavy tree trunks, fallen trees, standing water and much more.

Storms can devastatingly affect your home and property, especially your trees and roof. Dead branches, leaves, and even sometimes storms can break up the entire tree. Solid storms can mess up your whole place. You might not expert and have the right skills and tools to clean up by yourself and keep your place safe.

Instead of risking your own hands and taking the entire burden, call The Wizard of Trees for Storm Cleanup Services in Charlotte, NC. The experience and skilled team can handle and clear the entire post-storm destruction with proficiency. Our team prioritizes your vision throughout the whole process and involves your point of view in every step.

Once the cleanup is done we offer you to restore the beauty of your property with several more services. We offer services to make your place the way you want.  Our cleanup services are fast and efficient our expertise knows how to get your yard back to life. No matter how big or small the damage is our emergency team is available to help you out from every situation.

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Alex Jones

“Throughout the process, the team was involved with my vision and involved me at every step. Everyone does great technical work, but The Wizard of Sod made me feel more in control about the work they were doing and that’s exactly what I like about them. The best team to hire for a number of different services.”

Bill Thomas- Charlotte

During a major storm we had major flood damage and tree loss. Marc helped pump the water from my home and clean my property up. Very professional and awesome to work with. The didn’t even charge me. They donated there services, to help my family out. ❤️

Mark June – Charlotte

Marc and his team answered our call at 3am on a stormy night. We had a tree fall through our roof. The Wizard of Trees came to our house with in the hour of the call. They helped our family in ways to which we can’t explain. Thank you so much for everything.