Stump Grinding in Charlotte NC

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Get High Quality Professional Services for Stump Grinding

The Wizard of Trees is a Charlotte based company with years of experience for providing high quality Stump Grinding services in Charlotte, NC. We provide clear-cut and stump grinding services for both commercial and residential customers since a decade.

Why you need to get rid of tree stumps?

While trees may give extra beauty with the glance of nature to your home and even gives that cooling impact, there are times when you have to remove them when such tree is considered risky. Whether you want it or not you have to make a decision. After removing the tree from ground the stump is left behind.

Sometimes, after the tree has fallen, or is cut, the tree stump remains there for an extended time frame. The little piece of the tree trunk stays stuck in the ground. Some trees recovers and rejuvenate from the stump, some don’t. Stump grinding is an important step for the landscape as it helps to remove roots from ground to make space to do other helpful activities.

Advanced equipment for effective stump grinding

The stump grinding in Charlotte, NC is applied after the tree has been expelled and the stump is left behind. Stumps are removed by using techniques and specialized advanced pieces of equipment. In this procedure, the stump processor is utilized to remove the stump by grinding it into little pieces. The stump is converted into such small little pieces that it can be used as a ground spread or mulch. After grinding the stump the stump until it is only a couple inches underneath the surface, the rest of the portion is covered with dirt and left for the decomposition process.

Stumps can make a generally well-kept up yard look unattractive. They can likewise be hard to mow around and make it difficult to work. They are even reasons for dangers most particularly when there are kids playing around them. They can likewise attract white ants and this could mean taking a chance with the security of your home. Besides that, they are obstructive to garages or development. These are some of the reasons that you should consider disposing of any tree stump in your yard.

We provide you with the best and professional services for Stump Grinding in Charlotte, NC.  We have the right skills to done the job in right manner. Stump should be cut and remove as much possible to ground level. We are insured and well reputed company with experience of years. Consider us for the best services.

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Alex Jones

“Throughout the process, the team was involved with my vision and involved me at every step. Everyone does great technical work, but The Wizard of Sod made me feel more in control about the work they were doing and that’s exactly what I like about them. The best team to hire for a number of different services.”

Bill Thomas- Charlotte

During a major storm we had major flood damage and tree loss. Marc helped pump the water from my home and clean my property up. Very professional and awesome to work with. The didn’t even charge me. They donated there services, to help my family out. ❤️

Mark June – Charlotte

Marc and his team answered our call at 3am on a stormy night. We had a tree fall through our roof. The Wizard of Trees came to our house with in the hour of the call. They helped our family in ways to which we can’t explain. Thank you so much for everything.